ACS is a school with an Islamic ethos and hence we expect that, on the whole, many Muslim families will be interested in sending their children to our school although we are open to accept applications from families from all backgrounds. ACS  welcomes admissions from non-Muslim families and we would expect adherence to all of our policies including uniform and a high degree of moral behaviour including modest dress code as would be expected from those of most bona fide religions.

Our Nursery and Primary School is open to all boys and girls and our Secondary school is open to all girls in both cases  regardless of ethnicity, culture or Islamic thought. In admitting new pupils, the following categories will receive priority:

  • Those from practising Muslim families with strong parental support
  • Successful Admissions Test
  • Pupils with good primary school results
  • Hard working and well behaved and
  • Pupils from financially stable families

Admissions requirements for successful applicants:

  • Completed application form
  • School records from previous school
  • Copy of child(ren)'s passport and / or birth certificate
  • Proof of address
  • An interview with the parents and child(ren) and
  • A completed direct debit form for the payment of school fees.

New pupils will be given placement tests for English and Maths.

Enrolment for new academic year:

  • Applications taken between 1st September - 30th November for the following year's September intake
  • Tests and Interviews take place in the December following the application's receipt
  • Interview results are published prior to the December holidays
  • The second round of interviews will take place in Feb/March subject to places being available

If you wish to book an appointment for a Test and Interview then please call our admin office.

Please note : Places are limited so apply before 30th November.

Postal Applications to be sent to:

The Principal, School  Admissions
Ayesha Community School, 10a Montagu Road, Hendon NW4 3ES
Email applications to: