Why Choose Ayeshas Community School?

ACS is a diverse school - we retain a regional catchment, comprising a mixture of nationalities under one roof. This allows our students from different parts of the region an education as one community. It is important for students to engage and experience diversity as it will prepare them for what is to come when they head off to university or the world of work and establish a professional career. We achieve high standards through the following:

  • High expectations of pupils hence encouraging them to work hard
  • Enthusiastic and committed teachers catering to each individual child's needs
  • Strong management and high levels of pupil discipline
  • School year, term holidays and special celebrations are structured around the Islamic calendar

What some of our parents say about ACS:

At the beginning it was a trial...but since then we've never looked back (ACS Parent, 2017)

The environment is conducive to making them feel confident and comfortable (ACS Parent, 2017)

We can tell the difference from students who come from Ayesha's and other schools, there's a big difference...(ACS Parent, 2017)

During our last inspection in June 2013, Ofsted inspectors recognised the following:

  • The school has a strong Islamic ethos

  • Achievement is on an upward trend

  • Pupils' behaviour and personal development are good

  • The school provides good careers guidance and helps pupils prepare well for further education placements

  • Pupils and staff show high levels of respect to each other which helps to create an effective learning environment

  • Pupils find staff approachable and say that there is someone on hand to talk to if they have any worries or concerns whatsoever

  • The welfare, health and safety of all pupils are given a high priority. As a result, pupils feel safe, secure and valued members of the Ayesha School community

  • In the Primary School, the school carries out NC tests in English and mathematics and these indicate that standards are above average by the end of Year 6

  • School leaders are committed to making this a good school have made some notable improvements to the school