Nursery Daily Routines

ACS operates from 8:30am until 2:55pm, Monday to Friday. The 15 hours (Free) allocation can be made up from the following:

  Morning x3hrs per day   8:30am   11:30am
  Afternoon x3 hrs per day   11:55am   2:55pm
  3 Day Option   8:30am   1:30pm
  All Day Option over 3 days    


A typical day at Ayesha Community School Nursery

We ensure that Ayesha community school Nursery is full of learning, discovery and more importantly lots of fun.

Arrival: The children arrive to the nursery at 8.30am where they are welcomed by staff and friends and settle in with free choice play.

Registration / Circle time: Children start their day by reading their morning duwas. The register is then taken so that the teacher and school are aware of which children are in school and who has not come in.

Circle time: This is part of the daily routine when all the children and staff meet together to discuss about the day, date, weather, month and season. They also do action rhymes, sing songs, exchange news and tell stories.

Morning activities: All children are naturally curious, questioning and eager to learn and to encourage this curiosity the Nursery staff at ACS carefully organise timetables full of different activities every day. One thing is for certain: the more variety there is on offer, the more your child will learn, and the more they will enjoy it!

Some of our activities include:  

  • Painting and drawing
  • Messy play
  • Sand and water play
  • Floor play
  • Outdoor play
  • Being imaginative and Role play
  • Construction
  • Whole class / group and independent activities (this includes Literacy, Mathematics and everyday phonics).
  • Malleable play
  • Free choice play

To make sure every child develops to their full potential we follow the statutory Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS) curriculum   which is a Government framework focusing on the development and learning for children from birth up to the age of five.

Reception class children playing with sand












Reception children dressing up

Snack time: Drinks are offered regularly throughout the day at ACS Nursery but all that exploration and discovery can make a little one hungry so everyone is given a mid-morning snack too.

Focus / outdoor and indoor activities: We at ACS make sure that we carry out focus activities with every one of our pupils (this is usually carried out in small groups) to assess their learning and development in all areas of early years foundation stage.  Whilst the focus group activities are carried out the rest of the children are given a choice to either stay indoors or carry out activities outdoor. (Staff are always there to assist and supervise the children).

Lunch: Freshly made, two-course hot lunch is served at 11:45am and everyone sits together at the table to enjoy it – even the staff! To ensure the children get all the vitamins and minerals they need from a healthy diet, the main course is always served with salad or vegetables – we also “hide” vegetables in some dishes which means that even fussy eaters get the nutrition they need. (speak to school reception regarding the lunch fees). We also allow parents/carers to provide packed lunch for their child from home if they wish to.

Afternoon registration / Rest time: All that fun and learning can be exhausting, there is a quiet room in our nursery so that our new three year olds can get as much rest as they need. Our older children tend to enjoy some quieter activities during this time or watch something on the interactive whiteboard. (Our staffs ensure that whatever the children watch is appropriate for their age and educational). This is the quietest time in the nursery so if you are coming to collect your little one from a morning session or are dropping off for an afternoon session please remember to tiptoe!

Afternoon activities: We also ensure that there is a balance between structured play and learning alongside child-led activities, where children can choose what they want to do. In the afternoon we make sure we allow the children to have a free choice about what they want to do. We plan activities according to their interests to make it fun and stimulating.

Snack time: We wouldn’t want anyone getting hungry on the way home so children are given time to have a little snack and drinks. (Either water or milk).

Storytime / Circle time: After snack our children have another circle time  where they discuss about their day and tell their teachers and friends what they have learnt, made them happy or unhappy. We then sing more nursery rhymes with action (It’s their favourite!). Later we have Storytime. Our children love listening to stories.

Tidy up time/ Home time: The children sing their ‘tidy up’ song and as a team tidy up the classroom. They then get ready to go home.
So that you don’t miss out on what your child has enjoyed during their stay at ACS Nursery, you will be given verbal feedback about your child’s day at the nursery.

A typical day at Ayesha Community School Reception

We make sure every day in Reception is full of learning, discovery and more importantly lots of fun. 

Morning session: Children come in at 8:30 after which they have a free choice table top activity for 15 minutes after which they are then called on the carpet for registration and calendar followed by a focused adult led activity in which children learn literacy on Mondays and Tuesdays; numeracy on Wednesday and Thursday; and knowledge of the world on Friday.  After the focused activity the staff encourage all children to join in with lots of activities in the different zones around each room from messy play, fun in the construction area, creative arts and design, problem solving through puzzles, outdoor play and many other exciting activities which are planned carefully keeping the diverse needs of the children in mind.

We have an open door policy where children are free to access the outdoor play area at any time in the day - there is always a lot to keep everyone busy.

Snack: We run snack on a free flow basis. The snack table is open from 10 am for 45 minutes and the children are encouraged to wash their hands and have a healthy snack during this time.

Phonics Session: The phonics session starts at 10:45 and lasts for 20 minutes. We follow the letters and sounds guidance and the song of sounds phonics scheme to teach phonics in the most engaging and fun way. The children engage in a carpet based phonic session for 10 minutes in which they learn a new sound each day, and then they practice to write the letter corresponding to the sound they have learnt. (Phonics and Reading Presentation for Parents - This presentation (usually during the first half of the Autumn term) is aimed to help the EYFS parents to understand how we teach phonics and reading skills. Parents will be informed about the date and time of this presentation.)

Islamic Studies:

In reception, the children have 45minutes of Islamic studies lesson, four times a week. During the lesson the teacher covers different topics of Islam. For example children are taught stories about the prophets, etiquettes and manners, surahs from the Quran and they are taught about some of pillars and festivals of Islam. The teacher also carries out focus activities with the children relating to each topic that is being taught.

Lunch: The children have a healthy lunch at 12 noon in the lunch hall. The school provides healthy hot lunches to children whose parents have given permission while they others have healthy packed lunches from home.

Outdoor Play: Children are busy outdoors enjoying the various activities for example sand, water, construction, small world, skipping, and scooter and lot more.

Guided Reading/ E-book: The teacher takes a small group of children to read while the rest of them read an e-book.

Focused Group activity: The teacher works with small groups of children to complete a focused activity based on the learning they did on the day. The other children have access to all of the activities indoor and outdoor during this time.

Circle time/ story time: The children have lots of fun singing rhymes and listening to stories read by the staff.

Tidy up/ home time:  The children help the staff to tidy up the indoor and outdoor Areas and get ready to go home, after a fun filled day spent learning at school.

Early Years' Uniform

There is no specific uniform for early year's pupils. However they would be expected to conform to dress in a modest Islamic way. Parents who wish their children to wear the primary school uniform may do so.