Attendance and Punctuality

Ayesha Community School is striving to be an excellent school with outstanding performances in all areas and there is a strong link between good attendance and attainment. Hence we encourage and promote excellent attendance and punctuality as they are key determiners in high achievement.

Pupils who are absent miss out on education which in many cases will not be caught up. This affects the teaching for subjects/ topics which are missed and hence it affects overall school results. Ofsted inspections also observe attendance rates and judge schools on the attendance rates of pupils. Parents who take their children out of school on holidays during school times bring the whole school attendance rates down and undermine the schools' efforts and efforts of all staff and parents in trying to achieve excellence.
Pupil absence due to illness is not foreseen and cannot be avoided. Pupil absence due to holidays can and must be avoided. At ACS we monitor attendance and punctuality closely and are firm in our approach to both.
School leaders are committed to making this a good school and have made some notable improvements to the school (OfSTED, 2013)