Islamic Studies Curriculum

Our curriculum offers comprehensive Islamic education for Primary school aged children delivered by knowledgeable and skilled professionals. Our approach to Islamic Studies covers all relevant topics:

  • Aqaaid (Belief / Creed)

  • Suwarul-Qur'an  (Memorising surahs of the Qur'an and learning the meanings) 

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  • Seerah (History / Biographical studies)

  • Ibaadah (Worship)

  • Akhlaaq/Mu'asharaat (Manners, Character building and Social Ethics)

  • Duas (Supplications and Islamic expressions)

  • Qisasul-Ambiya (Stories of the Prophets)

  • Arabic Language

  • Tajweed (Art of Qur'anic recitation)

We pride ourselves on being a school that offers a comprehensive Islamic curriculum alongside the National Curriculum. We realise the importance of a sound Islamic education for our children. Teaching and reviving traditional Islamic learning was one of the primary reasons for opening our school. It is through knowledge that we learn how best to worship our Creator and fulfil our duties and hence prepare well for the Hereafter. In addition we know that the Prophet (saw) made seeking knowledge obligatory on both the male and the female.

Thus, it is our aim to have a comprehensive Islamic programme which will benefit the pupils for the remainder of their lives. The curriculum in each year builds on the knowledge that has been learned in previous years. Our hope is that over the seven years that the pupils spend at our Primary School, parents would have not only fulfilled their religious obligation in teaching their children the basics of their religion, but  also given them the opportunity to enrich their minds and souls in knowledge of Allah (swt) and His blessed Prophet (saw), which would in turn provide a good foundation for them to progress on for their  future.